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Friday, October 12, 2007

Jewish Power, Inc.

Does it go without saying that this kind of study, if conducted by certain Gentiles, would risk being construed as anti-Semitic?


Anonymous Joanna Bratten said...

Crikey; it's Patrick Coffin! (I heard you'd turned serial blogger.) As both a Jew and an Opinionated Person I should have a view on this - I don't think it does go without saying, does it? Or has it got that bad in America? I'd comment on a couple of other posts but I think there might be a cyber-row of the most ferocious kind!

Glad to see you thinking and sharing the thoughts anyway!

11:09 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Uh oh, looks like my favorite stalker has found me out! It's been a while, JB. I actually wasn't happy with the first post and made it right before reading your comment. I have no idea how one determine "bad," but we do read and hear a lot about the roots of anti-Semitism (which is a real problem in some parts among some people) and one of the alleged roots is the perpetual of stereotypes.

Well, I happen to believe that most stereotypes are true. Or at least they stem from solid and mostly reliably repeatable phenomena. Like the one about Jews having an out-of-proportion-to-their-numbers influence on American culture, media, etc. I have no problem with this being true. But saying it isn't true only means one is not paying attention. The Vanity Fair list is not a scientific study, but....

Per your temptation to comment on other posts, I'm not into ferocious rows, but knock yourself out.

Great to hear from you!

10:34 PM


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