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Friday, July 29, 2005

Separated at birth?

Dr. Patrick Lee, Franciscan Univerity of Steubenville philosopher, takes his Aquinas shaken not stirred, and...

Pierce Brosnan, actor who deftly parlayed big 80s hair as Remington Steele into the biggest Bond since Roger Moore.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad this is finally on the internet.

6:25 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

It's a reality with global appeal, I feel. People have a right to know.

9:01 PM

Blogger Dr. Dawg said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:05 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Dr. Dawg: How wise, how cleverly ironic of you to pair the Christ image and bin Ladin's. How about I post a link pairing your mother and a feces-smeared whore, Mr. progressive immigrant Canadian?

That would be a start in indicating how offensive your comment is.

Strongly stated opinions contrary to my own get to stay published. I draw the line at blasphemy, especially when the writer lacks the guts to publish in his own name.

Congratulations on getting the rise you were seeking. Grow up.

7:40 AM

Blogger Domenico said...

Asinine jerks aside, great post Patrick. As Justine said, it's about time this got a wider audience through the Internet.

I'll never forget the story where he stuck his hand in his coat pocket mid-lecture, paused with an odd look on his face, pulled out half a tuna sandwich, and said, "I haven't had tuna for two weeks."

Ah, philosophy professors! Almost as funny as the theology profs.

10:16 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Dom! The Grand Master Wordsmythe reads my blog! (Lowly newbie blogger gets down on his knees to grovel) I'm not worthy, I'm not not worthy.

Thanks, man. Yes, Dr. Lee is the source of much philosopher-type merriment. His favorite movie of all time ("a true classic," he says) is Dumb and Dumber.

I'd heard the tuna tale before. Funny.

When he disagrees with a stated position from a student, he gives that sly ironic, lead-with-the-chin look, and says, "No, that won't work." (You have to do it in his voice.) Kinda like Dr. Crosby's, "Yess, yees," which is really code for, "Not even close."

Philosophers. Can't live with them, can't hunt them down and demand examples of the naturalistic fallacy.

10:40 AM

Blogger Carol said...

Now that was fun to finally see in print!!

My favorite Dr. Lee story was when he recognized, and identified, a quote from the old Andy Griffith charachter Barney Fife while standing clear across the room in deep conversation with Grad Philosophy students:

Me: Nip it, nip it in the bud!

Dr Lee: (pointing from across the classroom) Barney Fife (then turns back to conversation with a sly grin)

3:44 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

And who can forget the time he slammed his Aston Martin into the Port in pursuit of that Scaramanga guy?

Lee. Pat Lee.

He sure looks good in a tux, but does he have to keep attacking people with that gold spray paint?

4:09 PM


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