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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Let's play Flip It Around

Flip It Around is a game I like to play while watching how the MSM sees and reports on the world. The game is simple. Just flip the event around and see if the coverage would stay the same. If someone accused of a crime is a Democrat, flip it to Republican and see if the media would treat it the same way; if a priest is arrested, flip it to rabbi and see if the coverage would be the same; if a black cop beats up a white suspect, flip it to white cop, black suspect, and so on. You get the point.

Here are two examples of flip it: First, imagine a movie made in a foreign county depicting the kidnapping and beheading of Bill Clinton. Can't you hear the screams from Clintonista lawyers, and the unanimous cries of outrage from the MSM?

Flip it to another president and another manner of murder.

Second, imagine a 23-year-old teacher who pleads guilty of sexually molesting a 13-year-old girl, including statutory rape. Imagine such a criminal getting no jail time, a light sentence of home confinement and some years of probation. Then imagine the judge letting him go on The Today Show and be interviewed by Matt Lauer. It would never, ever ever happen, right?

Well, flip it to female perpetrator.

Talk about glamorizing evil: The platinum blond highlights, the ruby red lip gloss, the soft lighting. Get me a bucket; my stomach is churning.


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