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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Apathy competition

I've been thinking about all the things I don't care about, things about which I burn with apathy, things that, because of non-stop media saturation, I resent even having in my head. Here's a sample:

* Any of Greta Van Susteren's tragedy TV guests: any of the cast of characters connected in any way to Anna Nicole, Larry or Howard; Natalie Holloway's mother; or and defense attorney for any celebrity.

* The entire cast, production crew, daily show topics, and the opinions of the hosts or guests of ABC's The View.

* Any and all celebrity bumps (tabloidese for visible pregnancy).

* What Geraldo Rivera thinks.

* Take a deep breath... BradAngelinaJenniferVincePamelaKidRockTommyNicoleParisTomKatieSuriBrittanyKFed, et al.

* American Idol
and all its imitators.

* Survivor and all its imitators.

* Dancing With the Stars and all its future imitators.

What about you? What do you passionately care nothing about?


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