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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Welcome, LA Daily News readers

A special hello to readers of The Los Angeles Daily News who may have read this guest op ed piece, which I wrote for today's Sunday issue.

Any time you defend an Ann Coulterism, you know the reaction will be a big fat, "Yesss!" or a bigger, fatter, "You're Hitler!"

Comment box pontiffs, pro and con, are most welcome to weigh in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Patrick,

I can't wait to read your article. Unfortunately, your link leads to the previous blog entry article.

Giuseppe McCool

12:20 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Right you are, Sinor McCool. I adjusted the link.


3:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone once said, “In the future everyone will be Hitler for fifteen minutes.”

Giuseppe McCool

6:32 AM

Anonymous justine said...

Good piece. You make me so proud.
-A mom, but not yours

10:06 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Just when I really really need you, mom, you abandon me! Hope you have fun in Vegas.

Now I know how dad felt.

I regret blaming him.

11:32 AM

Blogger Tony said...

This is silliness in the extreme. I think these people look at the world through feces colored glasses.

I commented on an article (bring up Hitler and the holocaust) from Leonard Pitts Jr. on my blog.

12:16 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Tony, you lost me. What in particular do find "silliness in the extreme"? Which people don the feces eyewear? Where on your blog is the Pitts, Jr. article.

Work with me, work with me.

12:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick:

Excellent op ed.

1:05 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Thanks, Mom! lol.

11:05 PM


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