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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

NASA Freudian slip?

NASA admitted it did not know if the protruding strips were a danger to the shuttle, but after 2 1/2 years of work and $1 billion spent on safety upgrades since the Columbia disaster, the agency was taking no chances it could lose another shuttle to heat damage.

Am I overanalyzing here, or does NASA appear to care first about lost manhours (and cashola), and lost human beings second? I know "another shuttle" stands here for the entire mission, crew included -- and I realize the crew chooses to accept the mission -- but the phraseology attributed to NASA seems to indicate an ongoing willingness to keep sending up people in rickety white death boxes that can't endure being grazed by some foam.

And no one has told me what on earth (sic) the shuttle missions actually accomplish besides the occasional human fireworks.


Anonymous midwestmom said...

I think it's weird that the astronaut floated out there with tools to remove the dangling gap filler and was able to pull it out without the use of the tools.

So what the hell is filling the gap now? Houston, we have a problem....unfilled gaps.

7:55 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Hell, yes, and how are the mice that power the Discovery's engines surviving with no air in a zillion degrees below zero temps?

10:26 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

1970's technology. We're better than the shuttles now. Scrap 'em and send unmanned missions for exploration. (Oh, and save a ton of moola and maybe a few lives.)

7:04 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

PDP: How about sending up captured Islamists? The Russians did alright with Laika the dog aboard the Sputnik. Why not Abdul the terrorist?

PS Love the comments, always welcome, but could you sign in as PDP or something else...only you and I know which patrick is which.

7:46 PM


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