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Friday, August 05, 2005

Spinning John Roberts

He is a dangerous, far right fanatic who will turn the clock back to the dreaded Fifties.

No, wait a sec. Let's see: He wore dandy plaid clothes in the Seventies (check); he stayed a bachelor for quite a while (check); he didn't sire his own kids (check). Has to be...could it be....might it be...he's gay?!

Change that. He's a tolerant, compassionate angel from heaven.


Anonymous midwestmom said...

He looks like a young Roddy McDowell.

7:18 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

That he does. Or a British new wave rocker, circa 1970.

8:55 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

He and his wife ARE a little over the top with their caricature style of dressing. It seemed that they were trying very hard to look the part. She in that pink suit circa 1960, the kids dressed like the offspring of Princess Diana. (And did you see how femme his son looks when he dances?) :-)

Gay guys can "perform" with women so the adopted kids probably doesn't mean anything.

Now, if we look at the over-achiever thing, "Accept me! Look how good I am!" Hmmmm....

3:12 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Too much Queer Eye, dude. Meow!

3:41 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

The Roberts look like they might have met at a Courage or Exodus rally, that's all. Did you see her posture and her very square jaw line? I'm just sayin' is all... :-)

Patrick Prescott

7:03 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Oh dear. I just saw a nice, more or less strong-looking man in a sharp suit being introduced by the President of the United States. I saw a wife who was probably (understandably) nervous, standing there under the heat of high-watt TV lights, knowing that millions of people are looking on. Maybe she worried about when the nasty NYTIMES & Co muck-raking will begin. I wonder if she'd ever dream it would begin so soon with "questions" (oooohhhh) about their adopted children.

...or...with others mocking almost every aspect of their physical appearance, jawline structure, their kids' Sunday best clothing, etc.

7:22 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Patrick, I was only teasing. Trying to be funny. Cut me some slack.

Patrick Prescott

5:26 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Just goes to show ya -- as far as TONE goes, email is a frickin' liar. If you re-read my last sentence with a light, affectionate tone, you'll notice I too was kidding you back.

I don't know how many misunderstandings between friends start because the reader reads an email and thinks, "Man, what's got him bugged today?" when nothing at all negative was meant.

Have you read Ann Coulter's latest on Roberts? That gal writes with a dagger, yes, but she sure makes me laugh out loud -- which is no mean feat. Maybe it was your theory that she's Drudge's secret fag hag....

6:15 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Secret fag hag? Ever hear Coulter and Al Rantel gush over each other on Rantel's radio show? "See you in New York next month, Ann" Blah!

12:29 AM


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