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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Orwell meets Warhol

In 10 years or less, laughing at this will be illegal in Canada. It will be called a hate chuckle.

Whether we lost the war is T.B.A.

....but we sure lost the battle over "gay" "marriage." Here is a sample of how we got here.

With all due deference, Cardinal Ambrozic's press release offers too little too late, to say the least. I don't disagree with the words, but they're no substitute for actions that should have begun long ago. Show of hands from my Canadian readers: have you ever in your life ever heard a homily against homosexual "marriage" from any pulpit anywhere?

Are you too chicken to oppose it at dinner parties? (Opposing anything except opposition is the defining Canadian virtue, dontcha know.) Of course, there have been some heroic exceptions to the pathological niceness but are rarely backed by fellow leaders in and out of the Church.

Do you think Canadian children are going to be edified knowing that they have a choice to marry a boy or a girl when they grow up? Do you think there might just be a few teensy bad side effects attached to radically redefining a 3000-year-old social institution?

Most important, do you think Paul Martin is accurate in his claim that churches, synagoques and mosques will be exempt from persecution/prosecution if they forbid Adam n' Steve nuptials?

Think again.

We're Gonna Party Like It's 1978

At some point, rational people are going to have to re-evaluate the popular presupposition that Islam is a religion of peace. I don't mean the radical jihadist version, the Al Qaeda version, or the Wahhabi version. I mean the religious form that began with, and is animated by, the alleged revelations to the Prophet Muhammad. I mean the prescriptions in favor of sharia law everywhere, and the proscriptions against the infidel, as found in the Qur'an itself and what that book commands of its adherents.