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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New poll: 99.98 percent of respondents say not having sex with vegans works out very well, thanks

I'm trying to discern what made these crusading vegans feel that making themselves sexually unavailable to carnivores would score any rhetorical points?


Thursday, July 26, 2007

No bloody way

The editorial board regrets to announce that Seize the Dei will post no commentary on Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, or Posh and Becks.

Sorry for any pain this causes.

Tammi Faye exploited one last time

Like most people, I suppose, I lumped Tammi Faye Bakker (may she rest in peace) in with other sundry excesses of the greedy 1980s: the telfon-gauge make-up, the on-cue tears, the pentecostal weirdness seemed like so much entertainment. I'd heard she had cancer and had been on TV here and there in a kind of forgotten-but-not-gone way. I wasn't prepared for what I saw while flipping past Larry King Live last week.

Taped a very few days before she died, this really made me ill.

And I'm not taking about her skeletal appearance alone. The cliche about us becoming more and more desensitized to media exploitation is a true one. I was suddenly stricken with a two-fold emotion: a deep sadness for her, that her need to be on television (which would have entailed leaving the comforts of home for a limo trip, a formal dress-up, small talk in the green room, then sitting under hot studio lights, etc.)....but also anger at Larry King and his bosses for the sheer exploitation of this pathetic figure. Hey, Lare, did you have to ask her 500 times if she was scared?

What was the purpose of this interview?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Disney: Nice movies, dumb logic

Hey, wait a minute. Whenever a kid gets injured mimicking something he saw in a movie, don't liberals (who typically fear censorship more than they do nuclear war) immediately jump up and make the sharpest possible distinction between "art" and "real life"?

Then why is Disney removing all smoking from its movies?

England's hottest magician debuts tomorrow in US

If you're a fan of disturbingly good magic, don't miss Derren Brown's American debut on the Sci-Fi Channel tomorrow night, July 26. Check local listings.

Darren's elegant brand of mentalism and mind reading is unlike anything you've seen. He makes David Blaine look like, uh, a...weird guy who hurts himself a lot.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A question for all you Democrat-supporting Catholics

By what pretzel-like contortions do you justify supporting pro-abortion zealots like Edwards and Obama? Do you really buy the logic that flattens "issues" like health care, education, racism, the death penalty, etc. into one vague porridge of equally important moral questions of which the killing of babies is no more significant than any of the others?

I'm asking.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Dear God, please make your servant Roger stop talking.

It's funny what kicks you over the edge into returning to the blog.

Say with with me: "$660 million!"

Considering his own role in the perpetration of crimes by homosexual predators in the Los Angeles Archdiocese (do the names of priestly predators Father Michael Wempe and Michael Baker ring a bell?) the above "oops" speech from the Teflon Cardinal is vexing in the extreme. One need not ask why he didn't step down; that's obvious. The real question is, Why didn't the Holy See put some teeth into a "suggestion" that he do so?

Few people argue that Cardinal Law did worse than his more leftist brother Cardinal of the West. Yet the mainstream media treatment has been noticeably irenic, if occasionally scolding, toward Cardinal Mahoney.

I suspect our betters in the MSM admires the Cardinal's penchant for making "fall-over-yourself-with-compassion-understood-as-okaying-federal-crimes" statements like the one Mahoney made last week on illegal aliens -- in which, as always he avoids using the words illegal and aliens.

To quote another movie involving sheep, they wish they knew how to quit him.